It's a striking building, located right as you drive through Greybull, but it may have a ghostly history that gives it a little more bang for its buck if you end up staying the night. Today on Haunted 307, we explore a hotel with history as intriguing as their original bank vault- The Historic Greybull Hotel.

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First opened in 1916, the hotel was the first and largest of its kind built in downtown Greybull. Originally, the building served as the First State Bank, with two concrete bank vaults in the building that remain today. It also housed a drugstore, hardware and furniture store, and professional office space on the second floor.

With the onset of prohibition in the 1920s, a portion of the basement was used as a speakeasy during the owner's rum-running days, with tunnels below the hotel allowing the transportation of the illegal liquor. It was host to shoot-outs with federal agents. It's rumored by the modern owners that the back corner housed "ladies of the evening."

The hotel operated full time in its intended purpose now, housing weary travelers as they head through the Big Horn Mountains and maybe a few guests that liked the building so much, they would rather stay than move on in the afterlife.

The owners claim that the hotel has six resident ghosts in the property. Odd noises in the middle of the night, sightings of prohibition era spirits, and laughter from men in the speakeasy have been reported, but the proprietors assure guests that all of their ghosts are "friendly."

Would you spend the night in the old bank building to see how friendly they are?

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