Christmas came and went nearly four months ago, yet as I travel through Wyoming this spring, I feel like I've seen more lights left up than ever before.

About a year-and-a-half ago, I was blessed with the arrival of my first child. Now that she has become an active toddler, I have began a daily walk regimen with her. I try to get to a new neighborhood often so we can see more of our community together.

Much to my surprise, nearly every one of these neighborhoods has at least one house with Christmas lights still up. It's likely that I didn't notice the amount of April Christmas decor in the past, because I hadn't been going on these daily strolls.

What prompted the blog post however was that two days ago, again in mid-April, I drove past a house with their lights actually on... did I mention, mid-April?

I'm guessing that several of you have a neighbor with some Christmas spirit still, or just maybe you're that person.

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