We know, we know, you've gotten your hopes up in the past and been let down, us too. But, we think there's actually going to be an In-N-Out Burger to our south soon.

According to Denver TV channel KDVR, Westside Investment Partners is purchasing land in Colorado Springs to bring the first In-N-Out Burger to the Centennial State.

Albus Brooks, Denver City Council member tweeted the announcement early Thursday.

In what appears to be an official document, it does not specify the official timeline of construction.

In-N-Out also plans to build a distribution facility in Colorado Springs, which leads up to believe/hope that more restaurants will pop up along the Rocky Mountain region soon.

While it's tough to believe this until we actually see one open, this does appear to be the most concrete proof so far.

In July 2016 we saw a report on the website I'mFromDenver.com that said an In-N-Out was coming to the Mile High City. They retracted that a few months later and apologized for their mistake.  Let's hope they got it right this time, we'll let you know more when we know more.

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