On Tuesday, February 14, 2023, at 00:12, the Laramie Fire Department and the University of Wyoming Police Department were dispatched to Orr Hall on UW Campus for the report of a Notifier Alarm - That's according to a release by the Laramie Fire Department.

The first arriving Fire unit was Engine 7 from Fire Station #1 at 00:18.

As fire units were arriving, UWPD notified arriving fire units that there was a fire in room #209. Full activation of the fire alarm for the structure occurred at this time. Evacuation of the structure was in progress as fire crews entered the building for fire attack.

The fire was located in room #209 on the second floor of the dormitory. Moderate smoke conditions were encountered on the second floor by the attack team. A UW Resident Life manager was using a dry chemical extinguisher on the fire when crews made their attack. The attack crew instructed the RA to exit.

Fire crews attacked the fire and were able to knock it down by 00:23. The dorm was searched to confirm evacuation and one occupant was escorted from the structure by UW PD after failing to evacuate during the alarm.

Ventilation of the structure to remove products of combustion (smoke, carbon monoxide, dry chemical extinguisher powder, and other hazardous gases) ensued over the next two hours to clear the building.

Gas detection equipment was used to determine safe levels within the structure. Ventilation was assisted by UW electricians and the building’s HVAC systems.

The room of origin suffered moderate smoke and fire damage. Two injuries were noted and treated on scene, one by an occupant with a medical condition, and another, a Resident Assistant with an injured finger.

No transport to Ivinson Memorial Hospital was made by LFD. No injuries were reported by LFD or UWPD personnel. The students residing in the dormitory were relocated to the Washakie Center for shelter, and arrangements for temporary lodging for the students are underway by UW Resident Life managers.

The fire originated in a pile of clothes next to the bed in addition to an electrical charging base with multiple cords. The fire appears to be accidental and was confined to the room. The room was not occupied by students at the time of the fire. Both occupants were notified of the fire and arrived at the scene. They were interviewed by the Incident Commander later in the incident.

The University of Wyoming PD officers and UW Resident Life managers were instrumental in the quick notification of LFD that there was a fire in the room, and managing the evacuating students to a safe place.

All crews were clear by 02:32 and control of the building was returned to the University of Wyoming personnel.

Additional work with UW Facilities, UW Safety, UW Residence Life, and LFD Fire Prevention continues this morning to get the building back on-line and the students back to their dormitory.

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