Remember when you were trick-or-treating and someone gave you a big ‘ol Snickers or a Milky Way, instead of a bullion cube or a generic lollipop?  Why not spread that joy now that you're an adult? Not likely.

More people are going to be passing out candy to trick-or-treaters this year . . . but fewer of them are going to be giving out CHOCOLATE.

8 out of 10 parents plan on passing out candy this year, which is up, but those giving out chocolate is down 14% from two years ago.  That means only three out of five houses will have chocolate this year. Chocolate prices have gone up 40% over the last two years and most choclatiers cutting their dark chocolate with milk chocolate and or slowly raising their prices to blunt the increase.

On the bright side for kids . . . and dentists who want to get a second or third boat . . . only 61% of parents will put a limit on how much candy their kids can eat in one sitting.

The survey also found only 66% of parents plan on eating some of their kids' Halloween candy this year . . . and moms are 10% more likely to poach some than dads.

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