Local independent film company, Midnight West Productions is set to have their 3rd Annual film festival, Midnight West Film Festival, at the Atlas Theater October 1st through the 3rd. They have the whole festival strategically planned by genre. They'll also have a ton of live music playing at the Atlas over the three day festival. They posted tons of details on their Facebook Event.

Midnight West Fest is entering it's third year, and we want your submissions! This year, we'll be at The Historic Atlas Theatre for three days of independent film celebration! Friday night will kick off with live music, followed by an evening of comedy submissions. Saturday starts with High-Noon for our drama and action submissions, rounding out with another live performance. From 6 that night until 3 in the morning runs After Dark, set aside for our horror and grindhouse fans. Sunday will be family day, featuring our G and PG equivalent submissions as well as interactive filmmaking workshops for ages 6-14.

After Dark sounds like a lot of fun if you're like me and into horror and grindhouse-style films. If you're a local filmmaker and want to get in on the action, they're still accepting submissions for their late deadline of August 23rd.

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A really cool part of this, they are donating 15 percent of their ticket sales to the Cheyenne Little Theater. Which is awesome, with all the great shows and things that the Cheyenne Little Theater does in Cheyenne.

If you're wanting to see the full rules and regulations and even more details about the event, you can find that here.


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