Attention lovers of KFC's Extra Crispy Boneless looks like your favorite product will be disappearing really soon.
Do you remember last year, watching the brilliantly produced commercials that continuously promoted KFC's Boneless chicken? The funny line, "Uh Oh...I ate the Bones!"?

KFC's Extra Crispy Boneless Chicken became one of my favorites. I don't eat there very often, probably once every two or three months. But I immediately fell in love with this chicken. The Boneless Chicken is about two or three sizes larger than the "Colonel's Crispy Strips" and, in my opinion, better tasting.

I discovered a few days ago when I went to our local KFC on Lincolnway that the chicken was removed from the menu. I asked about it and was told that I could order it, but that this weekend would be my last chance to get it!

So I immediately emailed, Facebooked, and tweeted KFC asking if it was true that the chicken was being discontinued. I received a response from someone on KFC's Facebook saying, "Our current chicken promotions focus on Hot Wings, Chicken Littles, and Original Recipe Bites. Look to try all types of chicken promotions throughout the year at"

So I guess this means that the boneless chicken was a promotion and will not be continued.

I made sure to visit KFC again yesterday and I asked one of the managers. I ordered more of it. She did say that the chicken wasn't popular enough and was being discontinued. She also said that she did not receive any more from their distributor, so as soon as all of their remaining chicken stock on hand is sold, that will be it.

So if you're like me and you love KFC's Boneless Chicken, you need to head on over to KFC on Lincolnway and purchase the chicken. It's flying the coop, as the saying goes!

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