It takes special skills to get great pictures and video of a grizzly. I would imagine that difficulty would increase exponentially at night which is exactly what a photographer recently accomplished.

Greg Balvin must have some mad skills to capture something like this. His new video indicates he spent November 7 in Yellowstone National Park and also Grand Teton and around Jackson.

Greg had one of those once-in-a-lifetime kind of days with stunning video of bears, wolves and mountain lions. But, it's near the end where he shows something I've never seen before and that's a crazy cool video of a grizzly at night with only a little light behind the bear in the distance. Make sure to watch until the end. You won't be sorry.

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I did some research and found a DVD from a Greg Balvin on Amazon with video from Rocky Mountain National Park. I'm guessing that's the same Greg that shared the video above.

If you enjoy great photography/videography of wildlife as much as I do, make sure you follow Greg on YouTube. He shares some really killer content highlighting part of what we love about our part of America. According to his description of his channel on YouTube, Greg is indeed based here in Wyoming.

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