Madness Perform on Buckingham Palace (YouTube)

Did you catch the highlights from the Queen's Diamond Jubilee in London on ABC TV last night? Queen Elizabeth's rein began in 1952.

I saw some of the music acts, Stevie Wonder adapting 'Isn't She Lovely' in honor of the Queen, Sir Paul McCartney singing a medley of Beatles' songs, but the highlight for me was the light show projected on Buckingham Palace during the Madness performance of 'Our House.'

The projections made it look like the outer facade of the palace itself was falling off, revealing musicians and dancers in different rooms. They also would make it look like individual windows in different parts of the historic building were lighting up. It was great special effects. Check out the video.

The fireworks show choreographed to the music was spectacular too. Now I'm wondering how the London Olympic Games are going to top this.