When I kept hearing about Superday, I wasn't aware of what it was until it arrives tomorrow at Lion's Park in Cheyenne.

When I worked in Alaska Souper Day was when Del brought in her homemade soups at the radio station I worked at. Upon arriving in Cheyenne, I kept hearing about a day in June with a giant gathering of families at Lion's Park called SUPERDAY. Remember this was in dead of Winter with snow on the ground. Now with Summer here and great weather...I get it. It's not a day to serve and eat soup! Looking forward to all the events for families tomorrow. We will be there with a great time for the kids. A coloring contest to win a compendium of prizes.

The banners have been hung across Capitol Ave in white, red and black and now I know Cheyenne Frontier Days is right around the corner, less than a few weeks away. I get to use the phrase, this is my first rodeo and it will be. I am looking forward to calf roping. I watched it enough on television during other rodeo events and find it a captivating sport.

The concerts, the food, the fun and the rodeo will be top notch.