Red Gulch Wyoming. That's a heck of a name isn't it? If you're thinking 'can't be much there with a name like that', you would be right. There is only one thing there that is worth seeing. But wow, what a thing.

In the video below you will see that getting there to see that one thing is not so easy, but not horrible, and all together well worth the trip.

It is there, alongside the boardwalk and outhouse built by the state of Wyoming, that you will find the fossilized tracks believed to have been made during the Middle Jurassic Period, 160-180 million years b.p..

Back then the Red Gulch area was the shoreline of the Sundance Sea.

Down at the base of Red Gulch, you will see what is believed to be Theropod tracks as well as other smaller and more diverse groups of dinosaurs.

As to what kind of theropods, the species that made the tracks is currently unknown. The footprints are in the area dubbed "the ballroom." It looks like they were all dancing around on the floor down there.

If you should make the trip to Red Gulch, be sure to examine the high sandy walls around the old creek bed. There is where you will find The Seashells Of Wyoming. In fact, a variety of fossils can be found, including belemnitescrinoids, and shrimp burrows.

You can take a trip with me to see the tracks in the video below.

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