In a search for the biggest scientific discovery from every state, businessinsider found Wyoming’s contribution is the Fossil Bone Cabin near the dinosaur graveyard at Como Bluff. The cabin built in 1933, is billed as the "Oldest Building in the World."

It is made mostly of some 5,796 mortared-together petrified dinosaur bones unearthed from the Como Bluff paleontological dig site also called “Bone Cabin Quarry.”

It all started when cowboy Thomas Boylan hung up his spurs and bought a homestead in 1908. He started collecting dinosaur bones in the hope of assembling complete specimens for a roadside attraction, but there were only a diverse collection of petrified bones from lots of different dinosaurs, but no complete skeletons. The oldest building in the world has also been called “The building That Used To Walk.”


Deseretnews reports “As of 2013, it is closed due to the "pending acquisition of a suitable manager," but is still a private home that deserves respect and privacy.

historicwyoming notes “Many people will say that Old Bedlam at Fort Laramie, built in 1849, is the state's oldest standing structure.” I guess that’s debatable, now isn’t it.

The Dinosaur Fossil Cabin Museum is eight miles east of Medicine Bow, Wyoming, on US Route 30/287.

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