According to a new Wallet Hub study, Wyoming is one of the stingiest states for charitable contributions.

The study, 2015's Most and Least Charitable States, ranked each state based on a number of factors, including volunteer rates, percentage of donated income, annual growth in charitable giving and the number of charities, per capita.

Although Wyoming finished 30th in the overall study, residents in the Cowboy State ranked 50th out of 51 for financial contributions to charities.

Source: WalletHub

Compared to charitable contributions made from 2006 - 2012, Wyoming also has one of the lowest rates of growth in the country, ranking 46th nationwide.

The study cited a 47.7% difference between Wyoming residents who claim they contribute to charities versus those who actually reported those donations in their tax returns.

Utah was ranked as the most charitable state overall, followed by Maryland, Idaho, Oregon and South Dakota. Rhode Island finished last in the study. Louisiana, California, Arizona and Kentucky round out the least charitable states.