Just when you thought this election season couldn't possibly get any weirder, this year's ballot will be filled with a small army of candidates from here in Cheyenne.

With that in mind, it's time to play The Cheyenne Election Game.

Your job is to guess how many people from here in Cheyenne have officially declared their candidacy for public office so far?

Here's a few hints:

There are 10 candidates for Mayor.

28 people are running for Cheyenne City Council.

Four candidates have filed for the Laramie County Commissioner's race.

25 local residents are campaigning for Wyoming State Representative.

Four Cheyenne candidates are running for State Senator.

Two Capital City natives are hoping to be Wyoming's next Representative in the United States Congress.

If your guess was 73, congratulations. You're the winner of the Cheyenne Election Game. At least for now.

That number doesn't include candidates for school board or college trustees, who have until Aug. 10 to file.

Just to put that number into perspective, Cheyenne's latest population estimate is 62,448. Which means, roughly one out of every 850 citizens are running for public office.

(NOTE: Mathematical calculations for the Cheyenne Election Game were compiled without using Common Core, and may or may not be grossly inaccurate)


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