If you see a scary costume this Halloween, it may come from a dark place more frightening than you could ever imagine...a warehouse in Greeley. That's where Distortions Unlimited has been making monsters for 41 years.

The terror began in 1978 when sci-fi geek Ed Edmunds starting designing props and masks for his high school drama department. At the University of Northern Colorado, Ed met Marsha Taub and the two artists formed a friendship and business, working side-by-side to create creepy aliens, cannibals, and zombies. Ed and Marsha married in 1992 and turned their little shop of horrors into one of the top custom costume companies in America.

Over the years, their work has been featured on several television shows, including the Travel Channel series Making Monsters. They also worked with legendary rocker Alice Cooper designing props for his "Brutal Planet" tour.

Their latest line of terrifying characters includes the demented clown "Attack-In-A-Box", a creepy crypt keeper who rises from the dead, several skeletons, disturbing dolls, beheaded corpses, life-sized demons, gargoyles, and scarecrows, and a prisoner strapped in an electric chair.

In addition to costumes and masks, Distortions Unlimited also makes toys, inflatables, yard decor, theme-park animatronics, along with custom artwork, paint, and sound design for haunted houses around the region.

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