The travel website Thrillist published out a funny list this week titled "The Most Annoying Question to Ask People From Each State".

Their pick for the most annoying question to ask somebody from Wyoming is..."Are you worried about living on top of a supervolcano?"

As the article points out, there is an active supervolcano under Yellowstone Park. And, according to scientists, it's due to errupt any century now.

However, as the story suggests, when and if the supervolcano finally blows its top, we're all doomed, not just people in Wyoming.

In fact, our close proximity to the supervolcano might actually make our deaths quick and painless compared to the millions of others who will suffer slow, debilitating side affects following the catastrohpic event.

Just for fun, here's a few annoying questions you probably don't want to ask someone from our neighboring states.

Don't ask a guy from Utah if he has any sister wives.

Don't ask somebody from Colorado how stoned they are.

And don't ask your friends up north if they've ever met Hannah Montana.


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