Wyoming is one of the most patriotic places in the country. Here in the Cowboy State, we love our country, support our soldiers and respect our veterans.

In fact, there's an entire town in Wyoming that was founded specifically for veterans.

In the early 1920s, Goshen County was among the last areas in the country open for homesteading. Free parcels of land up to 620 acres were set aside for soldiers returning from World War 1.

It was known as "Veteran's Area" until the Civilian Conservation Corps built a camp and officially incorporated the town.

Before long, Veteran was home to a school, several churches, a post office, a lumber yard, a hardware store and a grocery store.

During World War II, the old Civlian Conservation Corps camp was used to house German and Italian prisoners of war. Many of those POWs liked the area so much, they settled there after the War.

Most remnants of Veteran's glory days have long since dissapeared and the population has dwindled to 23.

However, if you take Wyoming Highway 54 from U.S. Highway 85, you can still see the old post office that once made the town of Veteran the most patriotic place in the Cowboy State.

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