There are several companies in Wyoming that make liquor but not many make gin.  Today, we will feature three companies that make Gin and one of those companies makes two different Gin's.

We will start with Backwards Distilling Company out of Mills, Wyo.  They have two different Gin's that they make: Strongman Gin and Contortionist Gin.

  • Strongman Gin:  This one is for real gin lovers with a more bigger, bold dry style gin.  It has 5x more juniper berries than Contortionist Gin.  It is made with 11 exotic botanicals including cubeb berries from India, grains of paradise from West Africa and pink peppercorns from Brazil.  It has 57% ALC/VOL.
  • Contortionist Gin: This gin is more for the average gin drinker who just enjoys gin from other spirits.  It has a more laid back taste with just the right mix of exotic botanicals.  Perfect to make cocktails with.  It contains 45% ALC/VOL.

Next, we have Jackson Hole Still Works out of, you guessed it, Jackson Hole, Wyo.  Each batch is made by hand from Wyoming-sourced grains and mountain water.

  • Great Grey Gin:  This gin isn't the typical London Dry style, instead of the piney taste you will get more citrus, spice, and fresh floral notes.  Still Works takes a different approach with a unique combination of steeping and vapor infusion to create their one of a kind gin.  Plus their bottle has amazing art on it by Katy Ann Fox.  If you like owls and gin, this is for you.

Last but certainly not least is Cowboy Country Distilling out of Pinedale, Wyo.  The key to their success and great tasting spirits is the crystal clear water they use that runs off the snow-capped mountains around the Green River and many others.

  • Browns Mule American Style Gin:  Most gin's people know to be clear, but Brown Mule is light-brown like whiskey.  The key to its color is letting it age in oak barrels that were once used to store whiskey.  With letting it age in the barrel like that it allows for a smoother finish with a hint of vanilla.  The perfect combination for Brown Mule is adding a little ginger beer.

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