Wyomingites need jobs. If they aren’t here, where is the work? What about Hawaii? Could you leave Wyoming and start over again in Hawaii?

Matador Network writes: Hawaii is “trying to get unemployed people with college degrees to come move to Hawaii so they can work teaching jobs, no teaching certificate or experience required. The reason is that Hawaii at the end of this school year, around 1600 Hawaiian teachers are going to be retiring. That’s a pretty huge gap for the Hawaiian school system to absorb, so Hawaii has opened the positions up to people who have a college education but relatively little background in education itself.

They’re seeking out mainland teachers to move to the island, and anyone can apply. They need math, English, and special ed teachers the most, but all positions are available. The average pay for a Hawaiian teacher is $54,000 a year. They’ve been offering financial incentives to try and retain teachers from the mainland.”


Wyoming unemployment is going up. The Wyoming Department of Workforce Services, Research & Planning and Laramie County has the most unemployed people with Natrona County coming in second. The “Wyoming Unemployment Rate Rises to 5.2 percent in March 2016, considerably higher than  March 2015 at 3.9 percent (a significant increase) and slightly higher than the current U.S. unemployment rate of 5.0 percent.”

Civil Beat says: “Hawaii’s unemployment rate is the eighth lowest in the country, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

But the official unemployment rate offers an incomplete portrait of what’s going on in Hawaii’s job market. The Wall Street Journal recently called the unemployment rate one of the “most misleading” numbers that shapes policy. Hawaii’s unemployment rate doesn’t reveal how many people have to work multiple part-time jobs to make ends meet even though they really want one full-time gig.”


Rich Manly said on Facebook:

"YAY I have a job.......but can't afford a house or apartment. Food and gas costs more, and the crime rate is high. Oh, plus I'm not a native so I'm even more likely to get jacked up!!! But damn, look at those sunsets!!!"

My friend Karen from Colorado moved to the island for a while and says

“Hawaii is totally different and you shut off the rest of the world, which is nice, but if you come back to the mainland, it’s like trying to jump on a moving train. It takes Hawaiians a bit to warm up to ya . But they are very nice It's just a different way of life. The cost of living so high"

Another friend formerly from Colorado, spent a couple of decades being a star in Honolulu. He told me:

"Don't complain about things. This isn't the mainland. Learn a bit about the culture and language. Get used to paying allot more. $7 for a box of Special K. Apartment rental around 2 grand. You will be a guest not a native. It takes a decade to be fully accepted. Get used to Spam and rice."

We need work and the paychecks that come with it. Would it be worth moving to Hawaii from Wyoming? Only YOU can answer for you

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