This video will be viewed differently depending on the location it's watched from. If you're from anywhere other than Wyoming, it will look like this Yellowstone wolf is eating water. If you've spent any time around wolves in Wyoming, you'll realize this isn't what's happening.

Before we get into the wolf science, here's the video that Trent Sizemore Photography shared on TikTok. Quite literally millions of people have viewed it since it was first shared a few weeks ago.

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Trent more or less tries to explain with his graphics that the wolf mother is likely just cleansing her mouth after a meal. Breaking news to the rest of the world, wolves do that sometimes. If you're wondering what kind of meal would require a wolf to find a stream to cleanse the palette, Trent has you covered there with another Yellowstone wolf moment share.

Trent must have ninja-like skills in finding wolf packs in Yellowstone and capturing intimate moments as his TikTok channel is full of neat wildlife things. Make sure to follow him there if you enjoy the wilder side of Wyoming and nature. Lots to love there.

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