For many young boys across Cheyenne, being a paperboy was their first job and a great way to make money. Today, we celebrate those young entrepreneurs of yesterday.

The paperboys job was to deliver the subscribers newspaper to their door step. However, there were many different ways that newspaper boys got the paper there. Either by bicycle, foot or car, the paper boy had an important job in the community.

Many youngsters first job was throwing a newspaper at the door step of their neighbors. For some it was a job before school and for others, it was after school.

I talked to a Navy Veteran who told me he bought his first car, back in the early 60's, and raised all the money with his paper route. That would seem to be a lot of papers!

This route taught the youngster about customer service, mechanics in some cases and entrepreneurship.

A mechanic, because if his bike broke down, he had to learn to fix it. Customer service, because they serviced their neighbors andnd they learned what to do with money and how to maximize their business skills.

On the flip side, the pay wasn't all that great and it was rough getting up early in the morning to meet the public's demand for Cheyenne information.

You don't see 'paperboys' as much as you used to these days, but kids are finding new ways to make a buck in an ever changing community.

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