The other day we found out what Wyoming's highest-paying job is. In a surprise to most of us, it was an Anesthesiologist. Not because we don't think they pay well, it's just not the particular career path you would think.

The website Zippia has a list of the lowest paying jobs for each state or what they're calling the "jobs to stay away from if you're in it for the money". Which, I mean, money isn't everything, so there are always factors that go into doing different jobs.

So, what is Wyoming's lowest paying job? According to Zippia, that job belongs to cooks. This makes sense if you think about the worker shortages that we've had across the state in the food industry. I do know that the pay has been increased to attract more workers in the industry, so maybe this list will flip for 2023?

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What's interesting is, that Colorado's lowest paying job is a Bellhop. I didn't know that was still a thing. I couldn't imagine being the bellhop of the Stanley Hotel. I feel like you'd be taking luggage upstairs somewhere and those two creepy twins would be riding tricycles at you. Big yikes.

Nebraska and South Dakota both went with Locker Room Attendant and I don't even know what that means. Is that someone that cleans up and stocks sports locker room for pro teams? Neither state has a pro team, I mean, Nebraska probably has one at that school we don't talk about in Lincoln, but I digress.

What do you think?

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