When it comes to politics, Wyoming is one of the most conservative states in America.

In the 2012 Presidential Election, 68.64% of Wyoming voters cast their ballots for Mitt Romney. Only Utah had a higher percentage of Republican voters.

So what is the most conservative town in the country's second-most conservative state?

According to election results complied by Roadsnacks, 85.1 % of the 1,800 people in Wright voted for Romney in 2012.

Gillette finished just behind Wright, with 85% of Republican voters in the latest presidential election.

83.98% of Newcastle residents favored Romney, making it Wyoming's third most conservative town.

The northeastern part of the state isn't the only Republican stronghold. 82.9% of Kemmerer voters sided with the G.O.P. in 2012.

Nearby Afton, Wyoming, rounds out the list of the Cowboy State's most conservative towns, with another 82.9 % of Republican voters.


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