That wind is something else this morning. I saw a tumble weed  blow by, carrying a family of four. I mean, not really, but, you get the idea. I think we're all looking toward this summer at this point, anyways. Especially with the news yesterday on Cheyenne Frontier Days. Let's take a look at the trending stories for the day.

Trending Locally

Hey, did you hear Garth is going to be at CFD? Of course you did. The huge announcement yesterday was the reveal of probably the worst kept secret in Cheyenne. Garth will be accompanied by tons of country acts for the two week festival.

Good news, roadkill is legal to pick up now in the Cowboy State. For some reason, a law was passed and signed recently to allow you to pick up unintentional roadkill that you make. Someone is going to take way too much advantage of this.

Colorado's Water World is back for the 2021 season after being shut down due to Covid-19 last year. The park is set to open May 29th with masks being enforced. Gotta love those mask tan lines people will have.

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Trending Nationally

Netflix is now the home for Sony films. A deal between the two companies will land Spiderman and his friends over on Netflix, rather than with the rest of the MCU on Disney+. Except for those MCU films that have Spiderman included. This stuff is getting deep.

Tons of work have gone into it, but Disneyland has finally built and set a date for the Avengers Campus portion of the park with the opening date set for June. I'm not sure what it's going to entail, but I'd assume Bruce Banner will Hulk out every time a tourist walks by and he's trying to get a glass of milk from the fridge. Oh, not that kind of campus.

And finally, Britain's Prince Phillip has passed away at the age of 99.

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