It was pretty nice when we had Spring for about two weeks. Personally, I blame the groundhog that did this to us. I usually imagine Spring hitting around Mid-March and then coasting with warm weather until November. Pauxitany Phil is a jerk. Let's check out these trending stories to make you the office hero today.

Trending Locally 

It's always nice to find a dumb criminal story out of Denver. That just means all the dumb crime is happening down there and not here. A man in a jail in Downtown Denver last decided to end his stay early, unsuccessfully, by attempting to escape in a trashcan. It didn't work. As he was dumped into the trash compactor, he was spotted and put in isolation. Didn't quite stick the landing.

Who is looked up the most on Wikipedia in Cheyenne? It's actually not that hard when you think about it. It's not me, I checked. It's Chris LeDoux. Duh. This guy personified Wyoming and our love for him, clearly, never waivers.

Sad news coming out of Laramie as a University of Wyoming Football recruit passed away over the weekend after a shooting in his home state of Texas. He was just 17.

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Trending Nationally 

It's official, Godzilla Vs. Kong is the biggest movie of the Pandemic. I'm not sure how much of a badge of honor that is for the film, but, hey, we'll take a movie being the best of anything at this point. Remember when movies made over 100 mill in a weekend? Yeah, those were the days.

Technology has finally made the advances necessary for us to actually be in 2021. There is now an Optimus Prime Transformer toy that actually transforms on its own. No, it's not scary black magic, it's just a toy that operates the way it should since a Transformer should...transform.

And finally, this is how my heart breaks. Top Gun 2 was set for release July 2nd this year has been pushed another year and a half almost, due out November 2021.


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