I had mentioned earlier this week that my wife and I made a trip North on I-25 and landed in Douglas Wyoming. It was a really fun drive getting to see a different part of the state. It should also make you feel good, knowing that I’ll travel all over this great state and sample beers to tell you about. I’m a very selfless person. Had to double check and make sure I didn’t' say selfish... 

Enter HeadStrong Brewery 

This place was really cool to check out. Nestled in Downtown Douglas, this brewery is there for Douglas in that it’s very local and was filled with locals when we arrived. The brewery itself is owned by a husband and wife duo of John and Renee Hunt.  

Renee gave us the low down on their brews and told us they had been closed due to Covid for months with the restrictions. They only had two beers of their own on tap when we were there, which was also due to Covid, they brew with European grains and they haven’t been able to get their supplies. 

The beer I had was the Boo Bee Blonde. That wasn’t a typo. It’s a Honey Blonde, and man, was it good. The name comes from the recipe having 40 pounds of honey, and they released it on October 1st, which is the beginning of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is a really cool nod. 

Typically, Honey Blonde’s aren’t my jam, I’ve had several and they just have a weird finish that I don’t really like. This one, however is the exception. It’s not overly sweet, but the honey does give it a great flavor. It is very smooth and has an awesome crisp finish that makes a two hour drive well worth it. 

If you have any beer suggestions for me in the Wyoming area, let me know, I'll try them and review them.

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