Well, I said I'd do it and as much as work and burden it is for me to go and drink a beer each week to let you know the best brews in Wyoming(and surrounding states) I was able to get out and grab a brew to tell you about.

I had the pleasure of trying a pint(or two if I'm honest) of their ESB called EZ Breezer.  If you're not familiar with ESB, it stands for English Style Bitter.  This is easily my favorite style to drink.  The EZ Breezer is very smooth and is essentially a Pale Ale with some malts to add to the flavor.

Here is a description they gave it on social media "It’s our Extra Special Bitter and we shall call it E-Z Beezer. Sometimes beers are like dogs in that we give them a bunch of nicknames that you end up saying more than their actual name and now they recall when you use it...Yeah, that’s basically what happened here.
Don’t let the style name fool you - it’s an English style pale ale that’s more on the malty side than hoppy and therefore is a misnomer. It’s not actually bitter at all. It’s a medium bodied brew, perfectly balanced between malt & hops and so smooth at 5.3% abv it’s definitely an easy drinker!"

ESB's are easily my favorite style of beer, and this one, is at least top two.  If there were a beer that you could fall madly in love with and run away to spend a life together, I'd say it would be this.

Fun Musing 

My wife and I were at Freedom's Edge together while I was making notes on this awesome beer.  As we sat at the bar, a van pulled up from an energy drink company that we'll call Creature for the sake of not saying their name, but you knowing whom I'm talking about.  There were about four reps that came in to enjoy some tastey beers.  As one of the reps ordered beer, a lady came in with 3 competing energy drinks, let's call Red Mules, as the Creature rep ordered beer. Had no idea the energy drink market was so fierce.

Anyways, I highly suggest trying this beer if you're in Cheyenne, you'll love it, or I'll buy you a beer if I see you somewhere and you call me out for being the person who wrote this article and felt I wasn't accurate. And I'll only do that one time, if you make a compelling argument and I agree, which wont happen because this beer is great.

If you have any beer suggestions for me in the Wyoming area, let me know, I'll try them and review them.


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