I’ve finally doubled a brewery in Wyoming, but, it’s not without merit, this beer deserves of praise, that is for sure. Also, the breweries I went to the past week may have been on the noisy side of the border to our south(GASP!) I know. Maybe I can do a spot light down there once in a while, but for right now, I have a great beer to talk about. 

Enter Freedom’s Edge Brewing Co. 

They just released this bad boy a couple days ago, and it’s a good remedy to get through the midweek blues. The Wild Bliss Blueberry Cream Ale has a lot going on in the first couple of sips that seem to blend after a while, you get the smooth cream ale taste and texture, followed by a hint of sour blueberry. I dig it.  

Look how pretty that is? I’m not going to lie, I sent the cover pic for this article to a handful of my beer nerd friends and we were all in awe of how gorgeous it looked. 

Fun Musings 

Freedom’s Edge has become probably my favorite brewery in Cheyenne since we moved here, they always have a great variety of styles that come and go. Their taproom is really chill, as well, but lively at times, my wife got a free tarot reading Monday evening when we stopped by.  

If you have any beers you think I should review, let me know. 

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