If you don’t mingle, you’re probably single. In our recent article about online dating in Wyoming, it's clearly popular and fairly effective.

But many in the Cowboy State prefer to stay out of the digital world for reasons of misrepresentation, not serious, lies, security, or the time-consuming nature of online love. The sexes are almost equally split, with women leerier than men. Men are more likely interested in hooking up while more women are searching for lasting love.

So where will you meet someone without the internet? At one time, sources for meeting your love were at church, school, work or through friends. Reportlinker says the majority of couples meet through friends.

  1. Through Friends 58%
  2. Bar/public area 37%
  3. Workplace 27%
  4. Sport/religion/hobby 27%
  5. Family 24%


Increase your circle of friends, let them know you’re looking. Tighten and/or increase your relationships with coworkers. Take up a sport or hobby and stay alert, but not creepy stalker.


Since Match.com started in 1995, The $2.4 Billion business has the following rankers, just in case you’re ready to go cyber.



Plenty of Fish

Ok Cupid


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