When you try to go to sleep at night, what do you do to help your cause? If you're suffering from insomnia, I would suggest trying to count all the deer in the newest trail cam video shared by Wyoming Game and Fish as it really is kind of a deer-palooza.

I have already professed my love for trail cams. The video that gets shared from the ones in Wyoming are never dull. Here's how Wyoming Game and Fish described this newest effort:

This trail camera video compilation shows mule deer in Wyoming wintering on the Thorne/Williams Wildlife Habitat Management Area.

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I had the wise idea that I would try to count all of the mule deer that made an appearance in this video. I counted 36 in the first minute alone, but eventually gave up as the math became too overwhelming.

See if your fingers and toes can keep up with all of the deer that ventured through the Thorne/Williams habitat area.

Were you able to keep up? I'm not complaining as we love our Wyoming mule deer and trail cam videos, too. That made this a no-brainer share.

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