In Casper, you have to try hard to NOT see pronghorn. It's not nearly as common for the rest of America not named Wyoming. This video was a reminder when hundreds of pronghorn took over a trail cam near a fence.

Wyoming Game and Fish shared this trail cam video last year in an effort to show fences can be an obstacle for migrating wildlife. Hundreds of pronghorn showed up to help them make their point.

Here's what Wyoming Game and Fish had to say about this special pronghorn moment:

The clip illustrates how fences can be an obstacle for wildlife as they migrate. A large portion of the Medicine Bow Pronghorn Herd migrates north out of Shirley Basin into Bates Hole in the winter, but their progress is slowed by pasture fences and highway right-of-way fences along the way that are not a wildlife-friendly design. Hundreds of pronghorn are shown crossing at this location, along Highway 487 south of Casper, because it’s one of a few locations with a large enough gap to cross under that also has a similar gap on the other side of the road.

WCS North America shared an interesting map showing the pronghorn migration through the heart of Wyoming. As the National Wildlife Federation mentioned, the only other land mammal to travel further than pronghorn on their migration are caribou.

I see pronghorn around Casper just about every day, but this was the one time a trail cam was completely overwhelmed by these speedsters.

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