Last year, the Guiness Book of World Records officially certified the largest collection of coprolite on Earth.

What is coprolite? It's a Greek term for 'dung stone", which basically means fossilized dinosaur poop.

Wyoming has one of the largest, and oldest, collections of dinosaur poop on the planet, dating back over 56 million years.

Many of the 1,277 pieces on display at the Amazing Coprolite Collection, currently on display in Florida, originated here in the Cowboy State.

Most of Wyoming's coprolites were discovered near the Green River formation in the southwestern part of the state. Researchers estimate the fossils were left in an ancient freshwater lake, which helped prevent the specimens from decaying.

The area is widely considered by scientists to rank among the world's best sites for fossilized dinosaur remains. In fact, the only documented coprolite site that dates back further than Wyoming is located in northern Africa. Recently, archaeologists in Morocco discovered a collection estimated to be 145 millions year old.


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