For decades, Saratoga, Wyoming, has attracted tourists with a slogan advertising the town as a place "where the fish jump". The saying was derived from the flying trout on the North Platte River and an infamous event involving a man named 'G-String' Jack Fulkerson.

G-String Jack was named for his skill as a stage coach driver. Back in those days, a 'g-string' was slang for the the jerk line rope that controlled the front left horse, who lead the team.

Fulkerson arrived in Saratoga in 1902, working as a driver for the Scribner Stage Line, which ran from Walcott to nearby Encampment, Wyoming.

Legend has it, one day G-String Jack was delivering a load of supplies to a local saloon. When he grew tired of waiting, he became irate. In his rage, he lit several sticks of dynamite and tossed off a bridge into the Platte River.

Local historians remember it as the day "fish jumped over Main Street". The incident helped inspire a new take on the town slogan, coining the phase "Saratoga: Where The Trout Leap in Main Street."


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