Arborist Damien Carré is on top of the world, while he’s helping to save it. He’s gone from Cheyenne Central High School to Portland, Oregon where he has Oregon Tree Care, in addition to Wyoming Tree Care in Cheyenne. As a sideline, Damien has Expedition Old Growth, guided climbing tours of living giants and it’s through that venture that they were invited to help save Mother Earth.

Carré was brought into Archangel Ancient Tree Archive, which is trying to preserve some of world’s oldest and largest living plants on earth, through propagation, reforestation and preservation of genetics in living libraries around the world. Founder David Milarch says “Old-growth or virgin forests are biodiverse woodlands that have lived to a great age. These forests are being destroyed at a staggering rate worldwide. In the United States, an estimated 95 to 98 percent of old-growth trees have already been cut down.”

There is a belief that this will help global warming, though there is a lot of debate on that subject. But here’s to a Wyomingite making a positive difference in the world and around the world.

Associate Press via YouTube
Associate Press via YouTube

Damien is the son of Max & Yvette Carré, well known in Cheyenne for their willingness to help a good cause (or 2… or 3 or more). The YMCA, The Greater Cheyenne Chamber Of Commerce and Cheyenne Depot Museum, Wheels For Charity and others benefit from their support.

So it shouldn’t be too surprising that “the acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree.” That may not be the best analogy; given the tree involved in this story could be a 300 foot tall Sequoia.

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