The Super Bowl is right around the corner and apparently all it takes to impress your guests in Wyoming is one simple dish...


According to, Wyoming's most popular food on game day and at tailgate parties is the mighty burrito. A burrito is a solid game day choice, it's hearty and easy to hold. After all, with one hand free you can also hold your beer or the remote.

Check out some of our neighbors favorite game day foods:

Colorado - Chicken & Waffles: A delicious combo, but again not portable like the burrito. Also, it gets sticky fast.

Montana - Eggs Benedict: I guess it makes sense for a game day breakfast, but not exactly a Super Bowl party favorite.

Nebraska - Beef: Surprisingly not corn. Can't go wrong with beef.

Utah - Pumpkin: What!? I swear that's what it says... oh, those crazy Utah folk.


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