Our friends at the website Roadsnacks have done it again. Hot on the heels of recent articles ranking "The Dumbest Cities in Wyoming" and "The Most Redneck Cities in Wyoming", they're back with "The 10 Most Miserable Cities in Wyoming".

Based on a variety of statistics, including poverty rates, education levels, marital status, cost of living, commute times, unemployment rates and property values, these are the most miserable places in the Cowboy State.

1. Evansville - Less than 44% of their nearly 3,000 citizens are married, making it one of the loneliest towns in the Cowboy State.

2. Riverton - Poverty and crime are the biggest factors in this town's collective misery.

3. Mills - Just over 50% of the 3,500 residents here own their own home.

4. Evanston - You would think that having one of the only stores that sells both liquor and fireworks would make this town happier. Sadly, not even booze and pyro can bring joy to the 12,000 people here.

5. Lander - Just over 50% of the 7,600 citizens here own a home. Just over 50% of adults are married. Coincidence?

Worland, Jackson, Powell, Laramie and Rawlins round out the ten most miserable towns in Wyoming.

The happiest towns in the Cowboy State, according to the study, are: Bar Nunn, Ranchettes, Wheatland, North Rock Springs and Lovell.