If you're a food fanatic, you'll find plenty of wild game across the Cowboy State. Several Wyoming restaurants specialize in bison, elk, and some offer even more exotic fair like venison and wild boar. And, of course, you'll find Rocky Mountain Oysters on the menu at nearly every steakhouse.

However, there's only place in Wyoming where diners can indulge in python. Mmmm, python.

While they're known for their brisket, ribs, steaks, seafood, burgers and fried green tomatoes, Pokey's also serves six items on their "Wild Thang" menu: buffalo, kangaroo, ostrich, wild boar, alligator tail and python.

What exactly does python taste like? We're not sure, but it's described on the menu as a dish "you can really wrap yourself around". Sounds tasty.

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