I've seen a lot of wolf/bear encounters in Yellowstone National Park, but I rarely see it go this way. A recent visitor to the park shared video of a white wolf chasing off a big bear.

This short, but sweet wildlife moment in Yellowstone just got shared today. Here's how the guy who captured the video described it:

This is an impromptu short clip of a white wolf chasing or scaring a bear away in the Yellowstone national park, right on the road side around Hayden valley. It gave me goosebumps and I bet you may feel it as well. The excitement was such that I stopped recording the video (well the wolf vanished soon after).

It appears the bear may be on a kill, but it's hard to tell.

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Once a bear takes over a carcass, it's hard to get him/her off of it. It's no secret that bears steal a large percentage of wolf kills as UPR reported. How did this wolf get the bear to retreat? It looks to me that the wolf completely startled the bear causing him to flee. I don't think I've ever seen one lone wolf convince a grizzly to give up a meal so easily.

If the grizzly was truly on a kill, this guy was perilously close considering how protective they are of food sources. Yes, he was right by his car, but I'd hate to trust that would protect me if the bear decided I was a threat to dinner.

Still a captivating brief moment of nature happening in front of our eyes in Yellowstone National Park.

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