You probably weren't scoring a record deal when you were 13, t, but  metal band made up of  three 8th graders are getting that deal, for $1.7 MILLION dollars!

Meet  13 year old guitarist Malcom Brickhouse, 13 year old bassist Alec Atkins, and 12 year old Jarad Dawkins who make up the metal band Unlocking the Truth, who got their start entertaining medal-head fans around Times Square.  Now Sony is changing their young lives by signing them up to a tow-album record deal, which includes an option for four more!

According to, this “dream of a lifetime” deal for these hard core 8th graders, will give them $60,000 up front for their first record, and a possible $350,000 advance for their second album, and if Sony carries them through with a six-record deal, these teens could be raking in a whopping 1.7 MILLION DOLLARS!

How does a mother of such a success handle it?  Jarad Dawkins says although she’s excited for their new venture in the world of Heavy Medal, she says these boys all work hard in school, and they have to because “school work comes first.  If their school work is not done, they don’t play.”

Check out this video of their performance at the Coachella Music Festival.  You’ll have to scroll through to roughly 1:26 so you can actually see the band itself.  Whether you’re a medal fan or not, you have to appreciate these three young kids’ ability to do what any musician would dream to do, make it BIG!