Love playing games of chance or dare?  Then you’ll love this game of Roulette, and it's not gambling, and certainly not Russian Roulette, it's playing Roulette with DORITOS?

The Frito Lay Company has come up with a clever game where you consume their Doritos, that’s if you dare.  There’s a special limited edition line of Doritos in Canada right now, where six out of every seven chips are normal, HOWEVER one out of seven looks like a regular chip, but it might have you running for anything to wash down to take the heat out of your mouth!

One out of every seven Doritos is REALLY spicy, so you can take a chance, hoping you’ll never get that spicy chip, because if you do…somebody better get the fire extinguisher!

This “Doritos Roulette” game is only available in Canada right now, no word as to whether it’ll make its way to the United States, but if it does, would you ever play “Doritos Roulette?”