Just when you thought they’ve come out with every flavor of potato chip, Frito-Lay is rolling out for new flavors this summer for their “Do Us a Flavor Contest.”  One of them is Cappuccino?

Lay’s will soon have “Chddar Bacon Mac & Cheese,”  “Mango Salsa,” “Wasabi Ginger” and “Cappuccino” flavored chips for you to try later this month.  People will get a chance to vote for their favorite flavor of chip on line through October 18th.

The person who submitted the winning flavor of chip, will not only have their flavored Lay’s Potato Chips sold nationwide, they’ll also win 1-MILLION dollars!

This got me thinking, if I could come up with a flavored Lay’s Potato Chip, what would it be?  I decided to do a little experimenting and made my own “mock Lay’s Potato Chips, taking their chips and coating them with flavors that I thought just might make me a millionaire someday.  The flavors I came up with were “Lay’s PB&J,” “Caramel/Pecan,” and “Heinz 57 Steak Sauce” flavored potato chips.

I decided to put them to the test to see if any of these flavors worked, so I asked our news director Amy Richards, program director Chuck Geiger and part time assistant Bill Roberts to be my “guinea pigs” and give them a try.  Watch this video and see what they though of my new creation.

What flavor of Lay’s Chip would you come up with that you think might score you a million bucks?