You may not see as much traffic in town, probably because many of you are going out of town this 4th of July, but where?

According to AAA, they expect an estimated 41 million travelers hitting the road to travel 50 miles or more away from home, to celebrate the 4th of July, and the high price of gas isn't scaring off travelers to hit the road and get out of town for the holiday weekend.  But where are they going?

There's so many wonderful places in our Cowboy state that my husband and I haven't had the chance to see yet, the hot springs in Thermopolis,  the beauty of of the Grand Tetons, and the big Geyser at Yellowstone National Park.  (I actually did see it once, and that's when I was 5 years old.)

On the flip side, there's SO many fun things to do for the 4th of July right here in Cheyenne, the fireworks at Frontier Park, the unveiling of the "KING Midas Mustang" at Big Country Speedway THIS Saturday, July 5th, where they'll have racing action, followed by fireworks, and of course lots of barbecues to go to.

How do you like to celebrate the 4th of July, at home, or out on the road, and where do you like to go if you're traveling?