So here it is, the 4th of July, and I'm sure the barbecues are all fired up and ready to go!  What are you tossing on your barbecue this holiday?

My husband and I actually had our barbecue on July 3rd.  Instead of just the usual hamburgers, my husband wanted to grill up some HAM-burgers.  He took regular Angus hamburger patties, seasoned them up, then topped each one with some shaved apple smoked ham, and American cheese, and put them on grilled, buttered garlic buns, YUM!

Our friend Nick from Midas Tire and Auto Centers had an interesting "grilled onion" that we tried at his house some time ago.  He would take a whole onion, quarter it, but not all the way through so the onion would stay in tact, then put them on a sheet of foil, drizzle olive oil and seasonings, and then would take bleu cheese crumbles and stuff them inside the onion.  Then he'd wrap them up in the foil and stick them on the grill for about 40 minutes, and they were DELICIOUS!

My brother n' law Dave would take asparagus spears, and soak them in ice cold water along with a little olive oil.  Then after about 20 minutes, he'd drain off the water, drizzle olive oil over them, add minced garlic and seasonings, and grill them to perfection, that's still one of my favorites.

What your favorite food you like to grill up on July 4th?