Do yourself a favor and turn up the sound on your device now. A driver has just shared video of a black wolf encountered on a backroad inside of Yellowstone and it's a feast for your ears.

Based on what the driver shared in the details, this human/wolf road encounter happened in September. Again, make sure your sound is turned up. Seriously. You'll thank me later maybe.

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The response on YouTube has been amazing. Here are a few of the comments:

Alo Ryt - "WOW‼ ️ That was beautiful !!!"

Irish Colleen in MN - "Heaven"

Mary Cuna - "Im glad it's in the daytime 🇦🇺😇"

I'm with Mary on that "glad it's daytime" sentiment.

You probably have a different response if you're a rancher as wolves tend to not be popular with those that have cattle.

Since I tend to be a Yellowstone wolf nerd, I always circle back to try and find out which pack this wolf runs with. Since it's a black wolf, the most likely group is the Junction Butte Wolf Pack which is the largest pack in the park and also has several known black wolf members.

It's not been an easy year for the Junction Butte pack as NBC Montana reported that 3 members of the wolf pack were killed by hunters a few weeks ago.

It's not often you get a one-on-one encounter with a Yellowstone wolf. The fact that this driver also got an earful of a howl is definitely a bonus.

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