With Christmas just a week away, getting presents to your loved ones on time can be tricky. Many deadlines for standard shipping have passed. Amazon free shipping for Christmas delivery expired on the 15th. USPS on the 14th. FedEx on the 15th.

So now you need to get a wiggle in it and realize the USPS schedule means First Class mail gets delivered on time if you get your packages in by December 19, priority mail by December 20, and priority express as late as December 22.

Monday, December 18 is the deadline for UPS 3-day-select service. 2-Day-Air by the 21st. Delivery on Saturday will mean an extra $16 fee, though Saturday delivery is not available everywhere.

FedEx will not deliver on Saturday without a $16 fee.

And then there’s Amazon. The free shipping deadline passed on the 15th, leaving you paying for standard shipping after December 18th. You can order as late as December 22nd if you have a Prime Membership. Amazon does have some 3,000 cities on their same-day and one-day shipping that may include your package’s destination.

Source: techcrunch

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