Wyoming might not have a Costco or the big, fancy department stores, but where else will you find a place that sells liquor and fireworks?

Here's our completely unofficial and totally subjective list of the five strangest shops and restaurants in the Cowboy State.

1. Porter's Liquor and Fireworks Outlet in Evanston - One of western Wyoming's quirkiest roadside attractions, it's the only place in the state where you can stock up on fireworks and booze at the same time. It's also a second generation family-owned business that's been around for decades.

2. Al's Green Door in Cheyenne - There are dozens of bars that sell package liquor across the state, but only one of them is a "gentlemen's club". According to local legend, a one-legged lady named "Eileen" once danced here in the late 1980s (seriously).

3. El Gringo's Restaurant in Wheatland - This restaurant serves both Mexican and Chinese food...and it's owned by a Korean family. Get an order of egg rolls with your enchilada.

4. Sands Auto Parts and Firearms in Cheyenne - Need an alternator for a 2004 Ford F150? They've got it. Looking for a Glock G29 and a box of ammo? They've got it.

5. County 6 Bar and Laundromat in Rawlins - Ok, so they're not "technically" the same business, but they do share a building. Looking to pass the time while you're waiting for your laundry? Belly up to the bar for some good, clean fun.

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