It's not often that you get to witness a wolf pack helping raise their young, but that's exactly what's just been shared out of Yellowstone National Park. The unique video shows adults in the Junction Butte Pack teaching their young how to "wolf".

The adventurer that shared the video gave a quick backstory:

On this trip, we observed the Junction Butte Pack of wolves in the Lamar Valley of Yellowstone National Park, a pack we visited previously in the spring and also in 2020.

I thought I knew a lot about wolves since I've followed the multiple packs active in Yellowstone for year. I now know I had a lot to learn Here are some revelations she shared:

  • Wolf packs sometimes leave dens and create gathering areas. The alpha female decides where.
  • During the day, some of the adult wolves hunt while others remain behind with yearlings and pups.
  • Some members of the Junction Butte Pack separated last year and created their own smaller pack called Rescue Creek.

In this video, she climbed one of the hills in the Lamar Valley in Yellowstone and captured the dynamic relationship within the Junction Butte Pack dynamic showing the adults teaching the young.

Near the end of the video, she mentions that the alpha female moved the pack beyond the viewing range of the road and surrounding hills. That's a good decision by the leader of the most prolific pack currently active in Yellowstone. A day in the life of the Junction Butte Wolf Pack isn't something we get to see very often.

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