I've never seen anything quite like this which is saying something considering I've shared literally thousands of Yellowstone videos over the years. It's a movie called "War of the Wolf Packs" and it plays out like a Yellowstone wildlife soap opera.

I'm not familiar with the documentary makers that created this, but they did an amazing job. The YouTube channel is "Real Wild" and here's how the describe this epic movie:

Filmed in the magnificent Yellowstone National Park, this documentary follows the packs of two rare alpha female White Wolves, their mates and their offspring throughout the seasons, as they claim new territory in Hayden Valley and get challenged by a new pack coming from the South.

It plays out in two parts and features almost 2 hours of video and commentary. It tells the story of a pair of white wolves and how they make a life for themselves in the wild Yellowstone ecosystem.

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The 2nd part of "War of the Wolf Packs" picks up with one of the female wolves who is alone after her parents were killed by a competing wolf pack and her sister took off with one of her kids. Like I said, it's a wolf soap opera.

I won't provide any spoilers, but suffice it to say that the wolf females more or less have a happy ending. I'll leave it at that.

If you're interested in wolves and/or Yellowstone, you'll love this. It documents many aspects of wolf life you won't see anywhere else.

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