This is pretty cool! Take a look around underwater and watch Wyoming lake trout brood stock in this awesome 360 video.

This video was taken at the Story Fish Hatchery, located in Story Wyoming (about half way between Buffalo and Sheridan).  Brood stock are mature fish that are used to produce and fertilize eggs in captivity.

According to the Wyoming Game and Fish post on Facebook, these brood stock fish are between 10 and 15 years old and will produce more than 1 million lake trout hatchlings that will be used by WGFD biologist to stock Wyoming Lakes.  The lake trout hatchlings are also used to trade with other states to help bring in other species of fish for Wyoming waters (like walleye, catfish, bass, etc.).

If you're passing through, you can visit the Story Hatchery or any of the other fish hatcheries around the state during regular visitation hours for a better up close look at some really big fish and to learn about Wyoming's underwater wildlife.

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