Now, I'm all about enjoying what I'd call "Dad Culture". I enjoy a Dad joke, yard work is one of my favorite parts about the warmer months, I do actually like working on my house and other "Dad-isms" that I haven't mentioned. I'm not even a Dad myself, so I think I just aged into it and my brain locked into Dad mode, whether I wanted it to happen or not. My dogs appreciate it.

Anyways, there are several funny things and more so about what we perceive as "Dad Culture" that we kind of take the wind from with our own fathers. Again, I think it's just programmed in us and we can't help it. The idea of "Dad Noises" really makes me laugh. Slipping a wrench and a fountain of swear words rolling out is pretty much mandatory while making grunting noises.

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A TikToker from Laramie made a video where he changed oil in one of his vehicles and made "Dad Noises" the entire video as he did the labor. It's really hard not to laugh and think of your own Dad, Uncle or Grandpa working on anything.

Here' check it out, you'll agree.

The next time you work on something around the house, watch yourself, I almost guarantee that a guttural "Dad Noise" will pop out as you slip your knuckle on a wrench or hit your head on a cabinet. Remember it's ok, we've probably inherited it from the Cavemen, that Flintstone's vehicle didn't fix itself.

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